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Free to be who we are…What’s it all about?

     So often we hear that one’s circumstance dictate their outcome. Being one that likes to buck the status quo of things I beg to differ. So often it seems that people tend to limit themselves with their own minds. What do I mean? If society says that because you are in a particular geographic region, with a particular income, with a particular background, then here are your limits to operate within. Dream no bigger than this, reach no further than this, achieve no higher than this. Do this in this way and no other. I say you determine your limits…but you must first take the boundaries off your mind. I am an African-American homeschooler of two very bright  ADHD (like labels or not, it is what it is) children in a predominantly African-American community that mostly lack the full comprehension of what modern-day homeschooling is really all about. (You say homeschool they either think hippies or Amish, maybe we’re both 😀 ) I do not run a one parent household. To the contrary of the average household in my community we have a two parent household draped in various traditions of  days gone. We are the ones that catch the strange eyes when we lie in the front lawn making earth day signs. We are the ones that the neighbors wonder why they never have those kids in school. We are the ones planting the backyard garden as a family. Here we are different. We do not get into the public school political battles. We express ourselves freely through our style with no explanations lor apologies. So my daughter’s socks are a colorful mismatched mess, that’s who she is. She is taught to embrace her differences and love all of her. So my hair is big and my nails are bright, does that make you any smarter than I am?  Or maybe I’m just a bit eccentric. Or am I ? So my son loves to cook and bake, does that make him “soft”? Or is he just aspiring to be a famous chef some day?  So my husband if rough around the edges, does that make him any less concerned for those in need?  We are different, because we don’t conform to what the world “thinks”. We are who we are…inside and out. We are free to bu us…are you? Be you without apologies. Make your choices, your expressions, your beliefs, based on what you are inside and out, not the world limits of what you should be, do, or say. Be free to be you….God Bless!

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